Design Client Journey

Thanks very much for contacting Maxwell Developments. We have 8 steps in the Maxwell Developments remodel design and budget journey.


1. Contact

  • We will call you within a couple of days once we receive project information.
  • This questionnaire will help us better understand your project.
  • A budget range will allow us to determine how we can help you achieve your project remodel.


2. Meet

  • Meet you and your family.
  • Learn about your wants and needs.
  • Have a look around, take some pictures.


3. Measure

  • Measure your home with a laser measurer.
  • Input walls, windows, doors into 3d computer model.


4. Design

  • Using state of the art Architectural 3D software (Chief Arcitect) we create a 3D design of your new space.
  • We have in house design and structural expertise that:
    • Saves time, no waiting in line with an outside design firm.
    • Structural expertise allows us to design and quote without involving engineering to start.
    • Allows us to design to a budget.
    • Provides a seamless construction process.



5. Present

  • Now it’s time to show you the goods…
  • We will present the design with a live virtual walkthrough of your new space using Chief Architect software
  • We can adjust materials and design virtually on the spot.


Maxwell Developments Project Presentation.mp4 from david skogg on Vimeo.


6. Review

  • We will privide you with a link to a virtual 3D model to share with your friends and family
  • View your proposed remodel design using your phone or tablet.


View Sunnyside v1.31 in Chief
Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.


7. Budget

  • Based on the approved design we will prepare a probably cost estimate.
  • We will go over the budget together and explain the project scope.
  • Using Buildertrend, (cloud-based project management software program) we will provide you a link to view the probably cost of your project from the comfort of your home.


8. Trade Verification

  • We will schedule a day where key trades can inspect your home to verify site conditions and project costs and we will adjust budget as required.
  • Once our trades get back to Maxwell Developments, we will provide you a firm project proposal quotation for your final review and approval.



Final pricing is confirmed, and we an start planning your renovation using Buildertrend to give you a peace of mind remodel experience.


Builder Trend Client Portal

  • Selections
  • Progress job logs
  • Schedules
  • Client Communication tools
  • Real time financial snapshot of job
  • Client invoicing
  • Change requests


All aspects of your remodel will be available using your dedicated web portal.


Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to discussing all your design/remodel needs.